Shipping And Returns

Shipping and Delivery

1. You must be atleast18 years of age or older to purchase or receive a delivery from us which contains alcohol.
2. We ensure orders are delivered between 6-48 hours of your order within Lagos, deliveries outside Lagos state can take between 2-5 days depending on the distance.
3. Where a client is not available to receive his delivery or has requested that shipment be delayed due to availability of receiver, the estimated delivery date will be displayed and executed on the due date.
4. We also ensure that items are delivered in their most secured, safe, and recommended and original form.
5. All Shipping and delivery cost is borne by the buyer.


Returns and Refund Policy

1. Any complain, order cancellation and return must be communicated and items returned to us within 14 days from when it was received.
2. Item must be in its original packaging and in good condition.
3. Please contact our Customer Service phone line on ………………………, or email ………………………..and lay a complaint about the purchase cancellation and also alert them of the pending return.
4. If you are a purchasing customer returning an item, we will credit, exchange, or refund your total order, less shipping or delivery as applicable.
5. If you are an item recipient returning a product, we will credit or exchange your total order, less shipping or delivery as applicable also.
6. For items we delivered for free, our delivery costs will be deducted from your credit, exchange or refund.

For any Item bought to be returned and refund made, it must meet the terms and conditions as follows:
7. We must be notified about the purchase cancellation or via call or email stating the reason for return.
8. Where it has exceeded 14 days of receiving the product. No form of return or refund shall be entertained.
9. Where any of the following has been broken or tampered with the product seal, cork, tamperproof cover or pack, there shall be no more return or refund.
10. Where the product or product(s) have been inseparably mixed after our delivery. It can no longer be returned.