Privacy Policy

We hold any information, data, or communication with client in high confidentiality. We will not disclose, provide, reveal or share your data with any third party except as described in this Privacy Policy. We can only use same for strict business transaction as required or requested by the client, however, such information provided on our site according to our privacy policy carries your consent for us to use the use same in managing, improving, maintaining, recording, holding and applying the information you provided at the time of order request, to process your business transaction with us, relationship management, and for the purpose of managing communication with you. All client’s information and data in our custody is collected legally and managed with absolute confidentiality in line with the established laws of Nigeria.

Legal Compliance:
As a law abiding Nigeria business, we are under mandate to provide all business transaction details, Communication, data or information to any government agency, law court or regulatory body as may be required and in compliance with enabling laws in Nigeria, for enquiry, investigation, prosecution and regulatory reasons.

Third party/Service support:
To enhance our service delivery and relationship, we may engage the service of service providers and other third party bodies to help us handle us aspect of the business or support service which might entail them having access to your details and personal data with us in the execution of their duties and service to through us however, they are under a duty of non disclosure of your data and information to any other person.

Privacy policy on minors:
Due to the nature of our business, we are forbidden from transaction with minor/children (below 18 years of age) with respect to request for alcohol, delivery, and receipt of order, you do not intentionally accept orders from minor, or collect their personal data on our website, however, where such has happened as a result of disguise by the child, the parent, guardian, or custodian can report same to us to enable us delete or cancel such transaction and delete any details or data so far provided.

Amendment to This Privacy Policy
From time to time we may, correct, amend or update any portion of this policy, however, we shall communicate any amendment done by posting the new current Privacy Policy on our relevant site pages. Every user is encouraged and advised to read and review our Privacy Policy occasionally for any changes, as any change(s) is effective immediately.

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Where you require any clarification or inquiry about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.